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Nanoprep 2020 Day 19: Loud Insomnia

By Robin de Voh on 2020-10-29

I haven't slept in about a month. I'm not sure exactly when it started or what caused it, but I simply haven't been able to sleep. I'll get into bed, but I'm not even tired. I can close my eyes, but it feels unnatural. Like when you're fully awake, but unlike when you're sleepy and your eyes naturally want to close. The only bit of calm I get is when I pass out for whatever reason. But that doesn't leave you rested either.

And recently, I've started seeing things. One thing in specific. I call him Loud. Because not only is he actually loud when he speaks, but his fur is all the possible colors that have ever been turned into neon. And the pattern of his fur shifts over time.


Nanoprep 2020 Day 17: The Baguette Bastard

By Robin de Voh on 2020-10-27

Every day he'd come in, just before lunch time, face set to war, grumbling to himself, and sometimes he'd even swear. He'd then hardly look at whoever was working and say, shortly and with no friendliness to spare, 'one baguette'. Sometimes he'd add 'and quick, please, I haven't got all day," but that was reserved for particularly nasty days.

Sometimes the vein on his forehead would be pulsing and he'd be even more agitated.


Nanoprep 2020 Day 16: Funeral Procession

By Robin de Voh on 2020-10-26

"They look so stupid," Chloe said, smirking. She looked at Chase, sitting closely next to her, and he shook his head while smiling, seemingly agreeing.

They were sitting on a tombstone, looking out at a socially distanced funeral procession of -- as mandated by the measures -- a maximum of 30 people. Solemn faces, some covered in veils, but all covered in face masks.

"Glad we don't have to worry about it," Chloe said as she floated off the tombstone and onto the ground in front of it.


Nanoprep 2020 Day 14: Singular They

By Robin de Voh on 2020-10-22

They took a first step forward and almost fell over. This was awkward. These leg things were not doing what they had expected, but as a god-like abstract concept they honestly hadn't known what to expect. They'd watched these humans waddle around in their blood-filled flesh bags for centuries, somehow building giant structures and having a somewhat coherent society. They'd seen them love, hate, fight, other things, and they'd been intrigued. They had watched, listened, and attempted to smell and taste.

But they had never before become a physical being like them.


Nanoprep 2020 Day 13: Last Moonrise

By Robin de Voh on 2020-10-21

The sun came up over the rim of the Boguslawsky crater and it illuminated the moon's surface to a brightness Levi still didn't fully understand. He squinted and it was almost as if the regolith covering the surface was glinting, all specks of tiny moon dust lighting up individually as the sunshine hit it. It had been almost a month since the sun had shone like this and he knew from previous months that it would take a few days getting used to it.

"Good moon morning, Levi," Avery said over the intercom. "Ready to do some scanning?"

Levi gripped his portable scanner tighter and nodded to himself. Daydreaming over, time to get to work.


Nanoprep 2020 Day 9: The Brightest Roast

By Robin de Voh on 2020-10-15

This is part 7 of the Jerry Saga. Find the rest here.

Jerry was standing in an alleyway, as he had been doing most nights after work this past week, staring out across the street.

Java House. Rebecca. Everything that had happened.

His hatred burned with a passion more fierce than he'd used for the dark roast he'd prepared earlier.


Nanoprep 2020 Day 8: The Rift

By Robin de Voh on 2020-10-14

Noam hurried to the ferry pier and was glad to see in the distance that the ferry had not yet docked. It was on his way, so he kept up his hurried step. He didn't want to be late for work, and Luap was generally not a fan of tardiness. It had been a while since he'd been able to get to work at all, since the ferry had been out for a few days. Luap couldn't really hold that against him, but when it was going, Noam was expected to be there for their customers.

The rift was temperamental. One day it would simply let everyone through, no issues, and others it would tear ferries and all those on them apart. When that happened, all they could do was wait it out. Usually they managed to recognize that the rift was unstable before anyone got hurt, however.


Nanoprep 2020 Day 6: Vintage Coat

By Robin de Voh on 2020-10-12

Ava liked going to vintage stores. She didn't mind buying new clothes necessarily, but there was something about getting something someone else had already used and giving it a new life. Especially the older things, somebody had loved it enough to keep it around and had not wanted to throw it out. Or at least, that's what she told herself. She didn't need the details.

And she was looking for a coat, because it was colder outside than any of the jackets or coats she already had could weather, and here she always found the more interesting ones. She was going through the rack and saw some nice coats, making mental notes as she continued on. None had really wowed her yet.


Nanoprep 2020 Day 4: Rain

By Robin de Voh on 2020-10-08

Time to do some work, but not at home, he had decided. He went through the front door and started his music by hitting a button on his headphones. He looked outside through the window in his apartment's hallway and saw that it wasn't raining that much. Nice, even if the day had been sunny and blue skies only hours before.

He checked whether he had his laptop in his backpack, felt that it was there, and smiled. He pulled the front door closed and turned around towards the staircase, when he realized something. He checked his pockets. Shit.


Nanoprep 2020 Day 3: Uber Corona

By Robin de Voh on 2020-10-07

The car arrived and Oliver put on his face mask. He walked towards where the Uber driver had stopped and tried to whistle a tune, then found the mask made that impossible. He smiled and opened the back door of the car.

"Hey, Hamid?" Oliver said as he got into the back, his knees immediately pressed up against the plastic shield placed between the front of the car and the back.
"Yes, hi, you're Oliver?" Hamid said with a smile, Oliver thought. Hamid's mask made it hard to see.
"I am, thanks for being so quick."
"No problem," Hamid said, as he put the car into gear and slowly took off.
"So we're going to the central station, correct?"
"Yes, please."