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And Nanowrimo 2016 has started!

By Robin de Voh on 2016-11-01

The point of NaNoPrep was to Prep myself for NaNo. I did that in one major way - I wrote regularly for 20 days straight (sorta, but mostly!) and I wrote a lot.

But what I didn't really prepare was what I would write when NaNoWriMo actually started. Lesson for next year learned!

But when I really sat down to think about what I wanted to write about, the same things came up that I thought about most last year. The kind of sci-fi story I love is the ones about exploration, about mystery. And after about 6 minutes I had an idea, and it's one I'm very enthusiastic about!

The working title is "Lights Out", and what that means will remain "in the dark" while I work on this beast.

The official goal is 50,000 words. But I like challenging myself (as with NaNoPrep), and I'm aiming at 60,000. Anywhere in between is fine, but 60,000+ is epic.

That's 2000 words a day. I beat it today, at 2176, so that's a great start!

Wish me luck 😁