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Nanoprep 2017 Day 19: Monster Mash

By Robin de Voh on 2017-10-29

The Halloween party was in full swing and the music was causing some of the crowd do dance rather wildly. The atmosphere was good, there was loud conversation and laughter, and there was a hook-up in every corner.

All in all, Constantin thought, this was a good night. He was dressed like Dracula, the most known and stereotypical vampire, complete with the red cape and the silly hair. He'd chosen the Bram Stoker's Dracula movie version. Sometimes it's best to just play into expectations.

It had become a yearly tradition to get together with his friends and go to a random public Halloween party. It was nice to get out together from time to time, but there rarely was a good opportunity for it.

Lionel had showed up as a basketball-playing werewolf, and it suited him. The outfit was a little small, his fur poking out left and right, but it had that campy effect that Lionel had said he was going for. He'd mentioned Teen Wolf, but Constantin had never really gotten around to seeing that.

There were a lot of television, movie and comic book references used for costumes, he realized. Not many of the classic monsters, but a lot of Marvel characters, at least 15 Jack Sparrows, and some guy dressed as Aquaman. The lame, old version.

Constantin was glad to see Ted walk in. Especially because Ted was swaddled in dirty bandages and nothing else. Classic, simple, to the point. Why dress up what already works?

"Hey guys, how's it going?" Ted said, mumbling as always. They told him to speak up and he did.
"Good! Great party so far. Danced a bit before, now having a drink," Constantin said, raising a glass full of red liquid into the air.

Lionel nodded and held up his freshly replenished beer.

"You want one?" he asked.

Ted nodded and promptly got Lionel's beer pressed into his hand. Lionel turned around to order another one. Ted pulled down some of the bandages so they didn't cover his mouth, and took a sip.

"Nice," he said. "Good to be out here, man."
"It's been nearly a year," Constantin said with a sigh.
"Yeah, it's getting harder to get around without being noticed. But I've noticed Halloween parties to be spread out more than before, especially when it doesn't fall in the weekend."
"Means we can use the entire week next time!"

Lionel turned back around and they clinked their glasses together.

"Not much of a problem for me," Lionel said with a grin.

Constantin looked at him, brows furrowed.

"That's not fair, you're a werewolf! Last year you had to actually dress up as a werewolf because it wasn't a full moon."
"Man, I gotta tell you, that was weird. Especially as an actual werewolf, dressing up as one felt so... Fake."
"Screw the both of you," Ted said, beer dripping past his lip-less teeth. "I'm a dessicated corpse covered in bandages I can't take off. You guys can at least pretend to be fairly regular people some of the time."
"Fairly regular!" Constantin cried out, laughing.

Lionel joined in the laughter, and after a second or two so did Ted.

"It's nice to just blend in for a change," Constantin said. "See that girl over there? Couple of minutes ago she told me I could feed on her if I wanted. Wink and all."
"Hah, if only she knew," Ted said.
"Exactly. And I won't feed here, either. Tonight, nobody needs to be afraid of us."

Constantin finished his drink and refilled it from the thermos he'd brought from home, drained from his favorite blood-bag. It was still half-full. After refilling, he looked over the crowd swaying to the music and smiled.

"No, tonight we do not feast."

He turned around to his friends.

"Tonight, we party!"