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Tags are now added to stories!

By Robin de Voh on 2021-10-22

It's happened before, but it happened again, and it was time to fix it. I already had tags in the system, but wasn't showing them at all, because I hadn't taken the time to do so.

But when people read a story, and find that it's either too creepy for them, speaks of planes crashing while they're sitting in a plane before taking off, sometimes people could use a little content warning of sorts.

So now there's tags! You can see them on this post!

Well, sort of. By default they're hidden, because some people want them, and some don't want any spoilers. To see them, hover on them on the computer, and tap them on a mobile device. If you want to go into my stories completely blank, just ignore their existence!

Hopefully this works for both types of audiences! Let me know through whatever means you have if you've got suggestions about it, otherwise Imma keep adding (and reworking older) tags!