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This year's NaNoPrep is going to be different

By Robin de Voh on 2021-10-03

Last year I did not write 20 stories in October. Fail.
Last year I did not even get to 25% of a NaNoWriMo novel. Double fail.

I've been getting diminishing returns on my November novel writing year over year, and it's no longer fun.

So I'm not doing NaNoWriMo this year.

Every year, the autumn creeps towards us (or, rather, the other way around), the nights get shorter, the weather gets colder and this really nice and comforting feeling comes over me.

It's writing time.

And for the past week and a bit or so, I've been giddy with getting to write my stories again. I am pumped for my October writing season, but since I've already decided I'm not doing NaNo, I figured I'd just keep that going?

So in November I'm going to attempt to write yet another 20 stories. So all together, in 2 months time, I'll be trying to write 40 stories. To make sure this is more than possible, I am lowering my minimum word count per story to 700 again. Last year, I found that I could easily make 700+, but had to start padding beyond the words I needed to get the story across to make 800.

So it became an artificial goal, its meaning moved from 'Don't write too short' to 'Have to push further', which didn't always improve the story itself.

A self-defeating purpose.

So. The page for 2021 has been updated over at nanoprep stories and they'll be showing up there from tomorrow onward.

Challenge accepted.

I kinda love that it's still called nanoprep but I'm not prepping for nano. Keeping it that way.